Choose a Baby Carrier - Tips from a Babywearing Consultant

More than any previous generation, parents of today are relying on reviews not online online, but from their friends, family and peers. While it's important to research products before purchasing them, one item on your registry list requires a bit more hands on research. Baby carriers are unique in that they fit onto your body, and one size does not fit all. 

Carrier fit is personal, and not only does your body size come into play, but also your shape and height. If your partner and you are different body styles, you may also have different preference and may want separate carriers. Even if your friend loves her baby carrier, it simply may not fit you, or fit you best if making a comparison to other carrier styles and brands.

If at all possible, see, touch and try on carriers before baby comes. Check to Map to see what kind of help is available in your own community.

Some other things to consider when purchasing a carrier:

  • Lifestyle and activity level. How do you imagine yourself using the carrier? 

  • Do you plan on having multiple carriers? Many start out thinking they will buy one carrier and be done. Each carrier style serves different purposes, and you may find you need more than one.

  • Budget. Knowing your budget ahead of time is good because if you shop smart and are open to buying second hand, or even making a carrier, it's likely you can buy several styles if you desire.

  • Will you be sharing the carrier? Is the carrier for you, you and your partner, or will you also be sharing with a grandparent for example?

  • Climate. Do you live somewhere that gets really cold? Or is very hot in the summer? This may influence your carrier purchasing decision.

  • Do you plan on breastfeeding? Some carriers are easier to feed in than others. This goes for bottle feeding as well.

  • Will you be using it for multiple children? Do you also have a toddler you'd like to wear? There are carrier options that would allow you to wear both a new baby and a toddler, or allow you to "tandem" and wear both at the same time.

  • Learning style. Many are so certain they want one style of carrier, but upon trying them, find out it isn't as easy as it seems, and another style comes naturally to them. Keep an open mind when it comes to choosing the right one for your family. 

Laura Brown