Keys: What kind of help do I need?


When in comes to in person help with your carrier or help finding a new one, which kind of help is best? So much will depend on what your needs are, as well as what options are available in your community. Here is a quick guide to the three different kinds of help listed in our Key.

Babywearing Group: A babywearing or baby carrier group is a volunteer based support group hosted by educators. Often a non profit organization, they offer free or very low cost meetings where you can drop by and get help with your carriers before, or after, baby comes. They often have a library of carriers to see and try on, and some also have lending libraries that allow you to borrow a carrier. Contact the group closest to you for more information.

Babywearing Consultant: A consultant is a babywearing educator that often teaches classes, clinics or offers one on one private visits, whether at a chosen location or in your home. This option can be great for understanding your options before registering or making a purchase, or if you'd like help without leaving your home. Contact an educator near you for information about their experience, offerings, as well as cost. 

Retailer: Retailers are an important part of the babywearing world. They are often well versed in the products they sell, and it's convenient to be able to purchase a carrier and get help using it all in one place.